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13th Apr 0970s Kidnap Night
4th Apr 04Alien Invasion Night
26th Oct 05Alien Sci-Fi Gore Night
2nd Jan 06Amazon Adventure Night
18th Apr 05Angela Bettis Night
16th Aug 06Ants In Your Pants Night
22nd Apr 06Asian Zombies Attack
19th Nov 06Atlantis Night
5th Oct 06Bach to Bach Night
22nd Jun 08Barbarian Night
19th Sep 08Blaxploitation Night
20th Jan 06Blood Feast Night
30th Jul 04Bruce Campbell Night
14th Feb 08Campus Killer Night
6th Apr 05Cheers! Drinks on the House!
13th Dec 05Cheesy Chuck Norris Night
11th Nov 05Chin's Dad Night
29th Mar 09Chinese Super Ninja Night
7th Sep 07Comedy Zombie Night
1st Nov 07Crap Superhero Night
23rd Aug 04Crazy Kung-Fu Vampire Night
12th Jul 06Cube Squared Night
11th Jan 12Deodato Night
13th Jun 04Dog Night
1st Feb 06Don't Go to Zombie Club Night
10th Aug 05Father Bava Night
29th Jan 09Fishy Treasure Night
1st Jun 07Food of the Gods Night
19th Mar 06Force Night
7th Aug 10George Kenne-Day
3rd Oct 05Giallo Night
8th Aug 06Hairy Stoned 70s Biker Night
16th Apr 08Heavy Metal Horror Night
9th Nov 04High School Comedy Horror Night
9th Oct 08Hong Kong Snake Night
17th Aug 09Italian Post-Apoc Night
1st Apr 08Italian Sci Fi Night Part 2
23rd Sep 05Italian Sci-Fi Night
4th Aug 05Italian Zombie Night
21st Jul 06Jack Palance Night
20th Oct 06Jim Kelly Night
9th May 06Jimmy Wang Yu Night
15th Sep 07Joe D'Amato Night
5th May 04John Carpenter Night
5th Apr 10Juan Piquer Simon Night
23rd Jan 10Klaus Kinski Sci-Fi Night
31st Jan 07L'Ultimo Sopkiw Night
14th Jul 09Late Fulci Night
4th Mar 09Lee Frost Night
5th Jan 08Lenzi Cannibal Night
17th Feb 06Long Night of the Saxon
17th Nov 05Manhunt Night
10th Nov 08Martin Landau Night
2nd Aug 07Massacre Night
23rd Apr 04Melt Night
6th Mar 06Mid-80s Mutants and Maniacs Night
5th Oct 09Monsters and Dinosaurs Night
29th Jun 05Mountain of the Last Cannibals Night
24th Nov 05Murder on the Dance Floor Night
20th Dec 04Nasty Nasty Night
20th Apr 07Nero Night
17th Jun 04New York Trash Night
31st Dec 08Night of the Demons Night
2nd Sep 05Night of the Hunter
27th Jul 05Night of the Night of Movies Night
18th Jan 08Night of the Ninja (& Son)
20th Sep 04Night of the Saxon
22nd Mar 05Night of the Slasher
23rd Feb 05Night of the Yuzna
30th Jan 13Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
5th Jun 10Ninja Ninja Ninja Night
9th Jun 05NTSC Night
13th Aug 04Obscure Craven Night
11th May 09Ozploitation Night
10th Feb 10Panther Night
10th Dec 11Peter O'Brian Night
6th Apr 06Polizio Night
25th May 06Poor Man's Rambo Night
23rd Jun 07Possession Night
14th Feb 09Pound of Flesh Night
17th Jun 05Rats Night
23rd May 05Red Eye Richard Stanley Night
15th Dec 07Released in '81 and Banned in '84 Night
16th Nov 09Revenge Night
14th Oct 07Robert Ginty Night
5th Dec 05Screaming Damaged Brains Night
20th May 04Second Hand Sci-Fi Night
15th Oct 04Sequels to Classic Horror Night
29th Oct 09Sergio Martino Night
14th Jul 08Shameless Fulci Night
26th Nov 08Shameless Giallo Killer Night
5th Oct 07Shameless Night
16th Jan 07Sleazy Sleaze Night
26th Jan 05Sonny Chiba's Street Fighter Night
30th Nov 04Spaghetti Sci-fi Trash Night
9th Feb 05Stir Fried Carpenter Night
5th Oct 11Strike Commando Dawn
18th Nov 04Super Special Saturday Night Spider Fever
5th Jan 07Syndicate Night
10th Mar 05Takin' out the Trash!
17th Jan 05The Dead Hate Dave Parker Night
1st Sep 06The Jay and Sean Show
18th Aug 05The New Barbarians Vs. Endgame in Post-Apocalyptic Spaghetti Scandal!
10th May 05The Night Shatner Came Home
9th Sep 09Trollogy Night
15th Jul 05Trucks and Juggers Night
19th Jul 04Uncut Re-Animator double bill
12th Mar 12Vigilante Night
17th Mar 08Vincent Phibes Night
10th Jun 09Warrior Women Day
1st Nov 06Warrior Women Night
3rd Oct 04Waxwork Double Feature
23rd Mar 07Weng Weng Night
8th Jan 06Xmas Special Night
8th Sep 08Xtro Night
29th Dec 04Zombie Club Xmas Evil Special
19th Oct 08Zombie Tosh Night
7th Sep 04Zombies Down Under
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latest zombie club
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
30th Jan 13
"Welcome to the Prime Time bitch!"
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
Vigilante Night
12th Mar 12
Jump inside my Vigilante Van, get tooled up and beat the shit out of everyone.
Vigilante Night
Deodato Night
11th Jan 12
Don't try and Cut and Run, we're watching The Washing Machine at Camping del Terrore
Deodato Night
Peter O'Brian Night
10th Dec 11
Join us, and Peter O'Brian, in the Indonesian jungle for The Intruder and The Stabilizer
Peter O'Brian Night
Strike Commando Dawn
5th Oct 11
Not more Bruno Mattei movies, will we ever learn?
Strike Commando Dawn
George Kenne-Day
7th Aug 10
Pissy shit, crap fighting, secondhand chest-bursting, decapitated out-of-towners, green goo for blood. Welcome to George Kenne-Day!
George Kenne-Day
Ninja Ninja Ninja Night
5th Jun 10
Ninja, Ninjas, get your Ninjas here! Comedy spy Ninjas, demonic possessed female Ninjas and Swedish action Ninjas!
Ninja Ninja Ninja Night
Juan Piquer Simon Night
5th Apr 10
Killer slugs and chainsaw-weilding maniacs, we take in two of Senor Simon's finest pieces.
Juan Piquer Simon Night
Panther Night
10th Feb 10
Brian Trenchard-Smith actually said to us, "Expect nothing from the Panther pics..."
Panther Night
Klaus Kinski Sci-Fi Night
23rd Jan 10
Klaus Kinski, love him or hate him. Or both.
Klaus Kinski Sci-Fi Night
Revenge Night
16th Nov 09
See Clint Howard exact terrible revenge on his brother for being more successfull.
Revenge Night
Sergio Martino Night
29th Oct 09
Giallo'd be thy name...
Sergio Martino Night
Monsters and Dinosaurs Night
5th Oct 09
Horny rubber humanoids and stop-motion dinos, what more could you want?
Monsters and Dinosaurs Night
Trollogy Night
9th Sep 09
Trolls, goblins and creepy killer plants, tonight's line-up includes the world's Best Worst Movie ever made - fact!
Trollogy Night
Italian Post-Apoc Night
17th Aug 09
Two more Italian post-apoc movies. Al Cliver's in one of them.
Italian Post-Apoc Night
Late Fulci Night
14th Jul 09
Come inside and witness some seriously ugly sex...
Late Fulci Night
Warrior Women Day
10th Jun 09
Sometimes it feels great just to be alive.
Warrior Women Day
Ozploitation Night
11th May 09
An Australian buffet of B-Movies including big trucks, dingos, men with balls, lots of stunts and prog-rock!
Ozploitation Night
70s Kidnap Night
13th Apr 09
Expect funny masks, claustrophobic settings, sexual humiliation, and great twist endings...
70s Kidnap Night
Chinese Super Ninja Night
29th Mar 09
Complete with lady ninja mud wrestling sequences. I'm not making this up.
Chinese Super Ninja Night
Lee Frost Night
4th Mar 09
Freakish experiements... all girl gangs... disorientated gorillas... it must be Lee Frost Night!
Lee Frost Night
Pound of Flesh Night
14th Feb 09
It was a cheap stump, but Al Cliver's one-armed turn stole the evening like a one-armed bandit.
Pound of Flesh Night
Fishy Treasure Night
29th Jan 09
Come inside and witness the dropping of some beef.
Fishy Treasure Night
Night of the Demons Night
31st Dec 08
What's the most imaginative thing you can do with a lipstick?
Night of the Demons Night
Shameless Giallo Killer Night
26th Nov 08
"Have you not guessed who the killer is yet guys? Come on..."
Shameless Giallo Killer Night
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