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   'Donít thank me yet, you havenít seen Reactor.' - Jim

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30th Jan 13Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
12th Mar 12Vigilante
12th Mar 12Fighting Back
12th Mar 12Rolling Vengeance
10th Dec 11The Intruder
10th Dec 11The Stabilizer
11th Jan 12Cut and Run
11th Jan 12Camping del Terrore (aka Bodycount)
11th Jan 12The Washing Machine
5th Oct 11Strike Commando
5th Oct 11Strike Commando 2
7th Aug 10Savage Dawn
7th Aug 10Death Ship
7th Aug 10The Terror Within
7th Aug 10Nightmare at Noon
7th Aug 10Demonwarp
5th Jun 10Nine Deaths of the Ninja
5th Jun 10Ninja III: The Domination
5th Jun 10The Ninja Mission
5th Apr 10Pieces
5th Apr 10Slugs
10th Feb 10Day of the Panther
10th Feb 10Strike of the Panther
23rd Jan 10Titan Find (Aka Creature)
23rd Jan 10Android
29th Oct 09The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh
29th Oct 09All the Colors of the Dark
16th Nov 09Evilspeak
16th Nov 09I Drink Your Blood
5th Oct 09Humanoids from the Deep
5th Oct 09Planet of the Dinosaurs
9th Sep 09Troll
9th Sep 09Troll 2
9th Sep 09Troll 3 (aka The Crawlers)
17th Aug 092020 Texas Gladiators
17th Aug 09Exterminators in the year 3000
14th Jul 09Touch of Death
14th Jul 09Demonia
10th Jun 09The Lost Empire
10th Jun 09The Phantom Empire
10th Jun 09She Wolves of the Wasteland
10th Jun 09Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
11th May 09Roadgames
11th May 09Stunt Rock
13th Apr 09Rabid Dogs (Cani arrabbiati)
13th Apr 09The Candy Snatchers
29th Mar 09Chinese Super Ninjas (Ren zhe wu di)
29th Mar 09Chinese Super Ninja 2 (Nu ren zhe)
4th Mar 09Policewomen
4th Mar 09The Thing with Two Heads
14th Feb 09Cannibals (aka White Cannibal Queen)
14th Feb 09Cannibal Terror
29th Jan 09Killer Fish
29th Jan 09The Shark Hunter
26th Nov 08Strip Nude for Your Killer
26th Nov 08My Dear Killer
31st Dec 08Night of the Demons
31st Dec 08Night of the Demons 2
10th Nov 08Alone in the Dark
10th Nov 08The Being
19th Oct 08The Dead Pit
19th Oct 08Zombie Nosh (FleshEater)
9th Oct 08Calamity of Snakes
9th Oct 08The Killer Snakes
19th Sep 08Blacula
19th Sep 08Abby
8th Sep 08Xtro
8th Sep 08Xtro II: The Second Encounter
14th Jul 08Manhattan Baby
14th Jul 08The Black Cat
22nd Jun 08The Sword and the Sorcerer
22nd Jun 08Conquest
22nd Jun 08The Beastmaster
16th Apr 08Trick or Treat
16th Apr 08Blood Tracks
1st Apr 08The Humanoid
1st Apr 08Cosmos: War of the Planets
17th Mar 08The Abominable Dr Phibes
17th Mar 08Dr Phibes Rises Again
14th Feb 08April Fool's Day
14th Feb 08Prom Night
14th Feb 08Hell Night
18th Jan 08Revenge of the Ninja
18th Jan 08Pray for Death
5th Jan 08Deep River Savages
5th Jan 08Cannibal Ferox
15th Dec 07Bloody Moon
15th Dec 07Absurd!
1st Nov 07The Puma Man
1st Nov 07Supersonic Man
5th Oct 07The New York Ripper
5th Oct 07Phantom Of Death
14th Oct 07Warrior of the Lost World
14th Oct 07Gold Raiders
15th Sep 07Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
15th Sep 07Death Smiled At Murder
7th Sep 07Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone
7th Sep 07Die You Zombie Bastards!
2nd Aug 07Drive-In Massacre
2nd Aug 07Memorial Valley Massacre
2nd Aug 07The Nail Gun Massacre
2nd Aug 07Mardi Gras Massacre
23rd Jun 07The Antichrist (L'Anticristo)
23rd Jun 07Alucarda
1st Jun 07Food of the Gods
1st Jun 07Food of the Gods II
20th Apr 07Hitch Hike
20th Apr 07Enter The Ninja
23rd Mar 07For Y'ur Height Only
23rd Mar 07The Impossible Kid
31st Jan 07The Last Shark (L'Ultimo squalo)
31st Jan 07Monster Shark (Devouring Waves)
16th Jan 07Bare Behind Bars
16th Jan 07Gestapo's Last Orgy (L'Ultima orgia del III Reich)
5th Jan 07Syndicate Sadists (Rambo's Revenge)
5th Jan 07Mr. No Legs
19th Nov 06Warlords of Atlantis
19th Nov 06Raiders of Atlantis
1st Nov 06Gwendoline
1st Nov 06She
20th Oct 06Black Belt Jones
20th Oct 06Death Dimension
5th Oct 06Big Alligator River
5th Oct 06Island of the Fishmen
1st Sep 06The Jail: A Women's Hell
1st Sep 06Zero Woman
16th Aug 06Phase IV
16th Aug 06Empire of the Ants
8th Aug 06Stone
8th Aug 06The Losers
21st Jul 06Welcome to Blood City
21st Jul 06Without Warning
12th Jul 06Cube
12th Jul 06Cube 2: Hyperspace
25th May 06Blastfighter
25th May 06Thunder
9th May 06The Man From Hong Kong
9th May 06Master of the Flying Guillotine
22nd Apr 06Sars Wars
22nd Apr 06Junk
6th Apr 06Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Cop
6th Apr 06Almost Human
19th Mar 06Lifeforce
19th Mar 06The Delta Force
19th Mar 06Megaforce
19th Mar 06Raw Force
6th Mar 06Neon Maniacs
6th Mar 06Radioactive Dreams
17th Feb 06Tenebre
17th Feb 06Zombie Death House
17th Feb 06Atomic Cyborg: Fists of Steel
17th Feb 06Battle Beyond the Stars
17th Feb 06The Bees
1st Feb 06Don't Go in the House
1st Feb 06Don't Answer the Phone!
20th Jan 06Blood Feast
20th Jan 06Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat
8th Jan 06Silent Night, Deadly Night
8th Jan 06Don't Open 'Til Christmas
2nd Jan 06The Treasure of the Amazon
2nd Jan 06Massacre at Dinosaur Valley (Nudo e selvaggio)
13th Dec 05Silent Rage
13th Dec 05The Octagon
5th Dec 05The Man With The Screaming Brain
5th Dec 05Nightmare in a Damaged Brain
24th Nov 05The Prowler
24th Nov 05My Bloody Valentine
17th Nov 05Turkey Shoot (aka Blood Camp Thatcher)
17th Nov 05Gymkata
11th Nov 05The Super Inframan
11th Nov 05The Flying Guillotine 2
26th Oct 05Inseminoid
26th Oct 05Galaxy of Terror
26th Oct 05Forbidden World
26th Oct 05Shocking Dark
3rd Oct 05Opera
3rd Oct 05Don't Torture a Duckling
23rd Sep 05Starcrash
23rd Sep 05Reactor
2nd Sep 05The Last Hunter
2nd Sep 05The Devil Hunter
18th Aug 05The New Barbarians
18th Aug 05Endgame
10th Aug 05Planet of the Vampires
10th Aug 05Danger: Diabolik
4th Aug 05City of the Living Dead
4th Aug 05Zombie Creeping Flesh
27th Jul 05Night of the Comet
27th Jul 05Night of the Creeps
27th Jul 05Night of the Demon
27th Jul 05Night of the Bloody Apes
15th Jul 05The Salute of the Jugger
15th Jul 05Battle Truck (aka Warlords of the 21st Century)
29th Jun 05Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (aka Trap Them and Kill Them)
29th Jun 05The Mountain of the Cannibal God (aka Slave of the Cannibal God)
17th Jun 05The Rats (aka Deadly Eyes)
17th Jun 05Rats - Night of Terror
9th Jun 05Let's Scare Jessica to Death
9th Jun 05Mindwarp
9th Jun 05Blood Diner
23rd May 05Hardware
23rd May 05Dust Devil
10th May 05Impulse
10th May 05Visiting Hours
10th May 05The Devil's Rain
18th Apr 05May
18th Apr 05Toolbox Murders
6th Apr 05House
6th Apr 05House 2
22nd Mar 05The Toolbox Murders
22nd Mar 05The Burning
10th Mar 05Bronx Warriors
10th Mar 05Bronx Warriors 2
23rd Feb 05Necronomicon
23rd Feb 05Return of the Living Dead Part 3
9th Feb 05Big Trouble in Little China
9th Feb 05Prince of Darkness
26th Jan 05Street Fighter
26th Jan 05Return of the Street fighter
26th Jan 05The Street fighter's Last Revenge
17th Jan 05The Dead Hate the Living
17th Jan 05House of the Dead
29th Dec 04Christmas Evil
29th Dec 04Silent Night Bloody Night
20th Dec 04Island Of Death
20th Dec 04House on the Edge of the Park
30th Nov 04The New Gladiators
30th Nov 042019: After the Fall of New York
18th Nov 04Kingdom of the Spiders
18th Nov 04Giant Spider Invasion
18th Nov 04Earth vs the Spider (MST3K version)
18th Nov 04Spiders
18th Nov 04Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo
9th Nov 04Wacko
9th Nov 04Return to Horror High
15th Oct 04Halloween II
15th Oct 04The Hills Have Eyes Part 2
3rd Oct 04Waxwork
3rd Oct 04Waxwork II: Lost in Time
20th Sep 04Cannibal Apocalypse
20th Sep 04Black Christmas
7th Sep 04Bio-Zombie
7th Sep 04Undead
23rd Aug 04Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
23rd Aug 04Mr Vampire
13th Aug 04Swamp Thing
13th Aug 04The People Under the Stairs
30th Jul 04Maniac Cop
30th Jul 04Bubba Ho-tep
19th Jul 04Re-animator
19th Jul 04Bride of Re-animator
17th Jun 04Basket Case
17th Jun 04Street Trash
13th Jun 04A Boy and His Dog
13th Jun 04Cujo
20th May 04Space Mutiny
20th May 04Don't Ask Don't Tell
5th May 04They Live
5th May 04The Fog
23rd Apr 04Demons 2
23rd Apr 04Body Melt
4th Apr 04Contamination
4th Apr 04The Deadly Spawn
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latest zombie club
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
30th Jan 13
"Welcome to the Prime Time bitch!"
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
Vigilante Night
12th Mar 12
Jump inside my Vigilante Van, get tooled up and beat the shit out of everyone.
Vigilante Night
Deodato Night
11th Jan 12
Don't try and Cut and Run, we're watching The Washing Machine at Camping del Terrore
Deodato Night
Peter O'Brian Night
10th Dec 11
Join us, and Peter O'Brian, in the Indonesian jungle for The Intruder and The Stabilizer
Peter O'Brian Night
Strike Commando Dawn
5th Oct 11
Not more Bruno Mattei movies, will we ever learn?
Strike Commando Dawn
George Kenne-Day
7th Aug 10
Pissy shit, crap fighting, secondhand chest-bursting, decapitated out-of-towners, green goo for blood. Welcome to George Kenne-Day!
George Kenne-Day
Ninja Ninja Ninja Night
5th Jun 10
Ninja, Ninjas, get your Ninjas here! Comedy spy Ninjas, demonic possessed female Ninjas and Swedish action Ninjas!
Ninja Ninja Ninja Night
Juan Piquer Simon Night
5th Apr 10
Killer slugs and chainsaw-weilding maniacs, we take in two of Senor Simon's finest pieces.
Juan Piquer Simon Night
Panther Night
10th Feb 10
Brian Trenchard-Smith actually said to us, "Expect nothing from the Panther pics..."
Panther Night
Klaus Kinski Sci-Fi Night
23rd Jan 10
Klaus Kinski, love him or hate him. Or both.
Klaus Kinski Sci-Fi Night
Revenge Night
16th Nov 09
See Clint Howard exact terrible revenge on his brother for being more successfull.
Revenge Night
Sergio Martino Night
29th Oct 09
Giallo'd be thy name...
Sergio Martino Night
Monsters and Dinosaurs Night
5th Oct 09
Horny rubber humanoids and stop-motion dinos, what more could you want?
Monsters and Dinosaurs Night
Trollogy Night
9th Sep 09
Trolls, goblins and creepy killer plants, tonight's line-up includes the world's Best Worst Movie ever made - fact!
Trollogy Night
Italian Post-Apoc Night
17th Aug 09
Two more Italian post-apoc movies. Al Cliver's in one of them.
Italian Post-Apoc Night
Late Fulci Night
14th Jul 09
Come inside and witness some seriously ugly sex...
Late Fulci Night
Warrior Women Day
10th Jun 09
Sometimes it feels great just to be alive.
Warrior Women Day
Ozploitation Night
11th May 09
An Australian buffet of B-Movies including big trucks, dingos, men with balls, lots of stunts and prog-rock!
Ozploitation Night
70s Kidnap Night
13th Apr 09
Expect funny masks, claustrophobic settings, sexual humiliation, and great twist endings...
70s Kidnap Night
Chinese Super Ninja Night
29th Mar 09
Complete with lady ninja mud wrestling sequences. I'm not making this up.
Chinese Super Ninja Night
Lee Frost Night
4th Mar 09
Freakish experiements... all girl gangs... disorientated gorillas... it must be Lee Frost Night!
Lee Frost Night
Pound of Flesh Night
14th Feb 09
It was a cheap stump, but Al Cliver's one-armed turn stole the evening like a one-armed bandit.
Pound of Flesh Night
Fishy Treasure Night
29th Jan 09
Come inside and witness the dropping of some beef.
Fishy Treasure Night
Night of the Demons Night
31st Dec 08
What's the most imaginative thing you can do with a lipstick?
Night of the Demons Night
Shameless Giallo Killer Night
26th Nov 08
"Have you not guessed who the killer is yet guys? Come on..."
Shameless Giallo Killer Night
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